A Bulk Renaming Tool for Photographers


QRenamer recognizes QR codes in photos and renames the file and subsequent files to include the data from the QR code.

Let's say you're taking headshots and need to shoot everyone and record their names. Using QRenamer, each subject can type their name on a tablet to generate a QR code and hold it for their first shot. Later, running QRenamer on the photoset will rename that shot and all subsequent shots to include the subject's name.


Download for MacOS

Download for Windows

Running on MacOS

QRenamer is not yet signed with an Apple developer key, so on the first run, MacOS will complain that it's from an unidentified developer. To open anyways, hold the control key, click the icon, and click open.


All the code is available on GitHub. Contributions and bug reports are of course welcome as long as you're cool about it.

QRenamer on GitHub